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Best Lash Lift Training in Australia: Professional Lash Lift Courses in Brisbane

Best Lash Lift Training in Australia: Professional Lash Lift Courses in Brisbane


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The Importance of Lash Lift Training: Enhancing Your Skills in the Beauty Industry

The Importance of Lash Lift Training: Enhancing Your Skills in the Beauty Industry

Skills development in the beauty industry

In the beauty industry, selecting the right training provider and ensuring the quality of the training content are crucial, especially for lash lifts.

When and where did you last receive training? How recently have you updated your skills?

If it’s been several years since you last attended a training session, it’s time to be cautious!

Continuing to perform treatments with outdated techniques and knowledge can not only limit the options you offer your clients but also pose potential safety risks.

Let’s explore why staying updated with lash lift training is essential!

The Basics of Lash Lift Techniques

A lash lift involves temporarily breaking the cystine bonds in the protein structure of the lashes with a first solution, then reforming those bonds with a second solution to set the lashes in a new shape.

While this process may seem straightforward, managing the application range of the solutions and the timing based on the condition of the lashes is extremely important. Incorrect application can result in unsafe treatments.

Additionally, the beauty of a lash lift hinges on selecting the appropriate rod and its placement angle according to the client’s eye shape, ensuring the lashes are styled to the client’s preference before fixing them with the second solution.

The products you use also significantly impact the stability of the technique and the speed of the treatment, making regular reviews and updates necessary.

In Australia, lash design trends popular in Japan often take a few years to catch on. Therefore, I anticipate that the current lash lift trends in Japan will soon become highly popular here.

By mastering lash lift techniques now, you can stay ahead of other lash artists and attract more clients. With the recent increase in living costs, more clients are shifting from lash extensions to lash lifts.

Clients find lash lifts attractive due to their low maintenance and long-lasting results, making them a cost-effective option.

Knowledge for Safe Treatments

When working around the delicate eye area, precise knowledge of handling solutions is essential for providing safe and secure treatments. As techniques continue to evolve, staying updated with the latest knowledge is fundamental to enhancing client safety and satisfaction.

Japanese and Asian clients, who are often familiar with lash lift treatments, frequently have detailed requests. In some parts of Asia, lash lifts are more popular than extensions, making these clients accustomed to specific treatments.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand and update your knowledge with the latest trends and techniques.

Without these updates, you risk disappointing your clients by failing to meet their expectations.

Recognising the importance of lash lift training and regularly updating your skills and knowledge is essential for delivering exceptional results.

Benefits of Lash Lifts

The Popularity and Market Trends of Lash Lifts

Have you ever wondered why lash lifts have become so popular? Allow me to share my personal experience!

My lashes are long but naturally straight, often slightly obstructing my view. After getting a lash lift, my vision became clearer, and the raised lashes made my eyes look brighter. This simple change even lifted my mood whenever I looked in the mirror.

You might think, “It’s just lashes,” but they can be a source of daily joy when you see them in the mirror.

For those with downward-growing lashes, the dramatic change brought by a lash lift is likely a key reason for its popularity.

The Appeal of Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance Treatments

Lash lifts are a fantastic low-maintenance option, lasting for 6–8 weeks. This durability not only saves clients’ time but also helps reduce costs, making lash lifts one of the most appealing beauty treatments.

↓For more insights, check out our blog on 

Choosing the Best Lash Lift Training in Australia

Choosing the Best Lash Lift Training in Australia

Comparing Course Content and Fees

Here, we compare the content and cost of lash lift courses available in Australia.

elleebana lash lift home page

▼If you’re in the Australian lash lift industry, you’re likely familiar with Elleebana.

  • Course Content: A one-day face-to-face course from 9:15 AM to 4:30 PM. Affordable lash lift courses in Australia

  • Fee: $400 (including a starter kit)

  • Overview: During this course, participants pair up and practice with each other. This course is ideal for those eager to learn something new at an affordable price.

Lash Advance home page

▼Lash Advance offers small group training led by Mai Takei, the world champion in lash lifting and owner of Mai Lashes Brisbane.

  • Course Content: Online theoretical content + face-to-face practical training in lash lift and tint.

  • Fee: $699 (without starter kit) / $899 (with starter kit)

Overview: Students first learn about the solutions and basic knowledge at their own pace online, then proceed to practical training on a model in person.

This format is perfect for those with busy schedules, allowing them to learn the theoretical part online before attending the practical session.

Students receive comprehensive guidance on selecting the appropriate rods tailored to ethnicity and bone structure, all taught by a world champion.

Additionally, students receive follow-up support via LINE or Instagram DM for three months post-training, making it easy to address any issues that arise once they start working on their own.

While it’s slightly more expensive than Elleebana’s course, it’s highly recommended for those who prefer learning in Japanese and want to be taught the latest techniques with meticulous care. Advanced lash lift training is also available.

Lash Joy home page

▼Though many might associate LashJoy with lash extensions, they also offer lash lift training.

  • Course Content: Two-day course with practice on five models

  • Fee: $2450 (including a starter kit)

  • Overview: This course offers an intimate learning environment with one instructor for every two students. While it includes theoretical learning, the focus is on practical training, with participants practicing on five models over two days. The fee is higher compared to other courses, but it’s ideal for those with the time and financial resources to invest in Australia’s most luxurious lash lift training.

Online Training vs. Face-to-Face Training

In this section, we’ll delve into which type of training is better, drawing insights from current lash lift professionals. In summary, advanced practitioners might benefit more from online training, while beginners are best suited for face-to-face sessions.

Online Training

Online training allows you to progress at your own pace and at a time that suits you. However, it has the downside of not being able to resolve questions immediately as they arise, and you don't get the opportunity to have your technique checked in real-time.

Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-face training offers the advantage of resolving any doubts on the spot. You can receive immediate feedback and advice while performing the treatment. However, it can be challenging to schedule the training at your convenience.

In short, both types of training have their pros and cons. It’s crucial to choose the type of training that aligns best with your current needs and situation.

Who Should You Learn Lash Lift Techniques From?

Importance and Reliability

Consider the difference between a lash artist trained by an unknown individual—someone whose name and face you can’t find on the internet—and a lash artist trained by a well-known figure, easily found online, or an award-winner in lash lift competitions.

Which lash artist would you prefer to receive treatment from?

Personally, I would choose the latter.

People often feel mistrust and anxiety toward the unknown. Thus, from a client’s perspective, they might think, “Oh, I’ve heard of this person. If my lash artist trained under them, it should be safe.” This recognition can instill confidence and encourage clients to visit your salon.

With many salons offering lash lift services, it’s crucial to stand out. To ensure clients choose your salon with interest and trust, carefully select who you receive your training from.

After Completing Your Training

After Completing Your Training

Career Opportunities Post-Training

Achieving Success as a Beauty Professional

Before taking the course, I had no idea there were so many types of rods.
Learning that lash lifting is more than just lifting lashes was incredibly educational.

Feedback from a Lash Advance student

By taking the course and mastering the use of different rods to suit various eye shapes, you can better meet your clients' needs. Moreover, the Lash Advance training equips you with the skills to handle clients with unique eye and lash types that other salons may not be able to accommodate, thereby expanding your customer base.

Continuously updating your knowledge and skills, rather than being satisfied with what you currently know, offers immense benefits to both you and your clients.

If it’s been several years since your last training, why not take this opportunity to update your skills?

By learning lash lift techniques, beginner lash artists can position themselves for the upcoming lash lift boom in Australia. This ensures they stay ahead of the trend and distinguish themselves from the many competing salons and lash artists.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

As a lash artist, earning your clients' trust is of utmost importance.

How to Gain Your Clients’ Trust

While constantly updating your knowledge is crucial, it’s equally important to utilize this information to provide clients with necessary home care advice and accurately explain why it’s needed. Informing clients about the condition of their lashes during treatment is also vital.

Being able to answer your clients’ “Why?” questions promptly and not just ending with the treatment is essential.

This sense of reassurance makes clients think, “Oh! This person is thorough. They have a lot of knowledge.” This naturally leads to gaining their trust.

I believe that [Knowledge + Skill + Sincere Attitude] makes you unbeatable!

With trends constantly changing and new products being developed, today’s lash lift materials are far more user-friendly compared to older ones.

While social media allows for information gathering, it might not be the best source for detailed, specialized topics.

Acquiring expert knowledge does come with a cost. However, when you consider it as an investment in yourself, I personally believe that the cost of training is truly worth it.

Experiences from Students Who Took Lash Advance’s Lash Lift Course

One student initially aimed to incorporate lash lifts into her home salon services. She found a much cheaper course compared to the ones mentioned earlier and chose it based on its low cost.

Starting with no prior knowledge, she thought, “This must be correct…” and practiced as instructed without questioning the methods.

However, she constantly faced issues, unsure of what was going wrong and unaware of what she didn’t know.

After receiving instruction from Mai Takei’s Lash Lift course at Lash Advance, she realized for the first time that her previous methods and materials were quite difficult to use and didn’t suit her needs.

From a state of wondering, “Is this correct?” She identified her challenges and clearly understood how to practice and perform treatments effectively. This experience underscores the importance of “who you receive training from.”

For those considering training courses, it’s crucial to invest in courses that provide reliable and practical information, ensuring that the money you spend is well worth it.

The Risks of Not Undergoing Training

2024 まつげリフト トレンド

The 2024 Trend Prediction: Lash Lifts!

What Are the Risks of Inadequate Skill Acquisition?

It’s crucial to take measures to stay ahead of industry trends.

Decline in Customer Satisfaction and Potential Loss of Clients

Decreased Competitiveness in the Beauty Industry

Failing to undergo training or consistently updating your skills can lead to a decline in your competitiveness within the beauty industry.

Clients seeking professional services tend to choose salons and technicians with high skill levels. Therefore, not undergoing training increases the risk of losing out to competitors. Without taking action, you risk losing clients.

This is because other salons and technicians around you, who are continuously updating their skills and training, will offer similar services at competitive prices.

If you were a client, wouldn’t you prefer to receive services from someone who is well-versed in the latest trends and superior techniques?

Why Is Training Necessary?

You may have taken a course once, but then found that your practice is not improving as much as you’d like, or the products are difficult to use. The reason for this might be that the products you’re using or the content of the training are outdated.

Consider retaking a new course to resolve these “uncertain” areas.

Updating your knowledge can clear up these uncertainties, allowing you to acquire skills more quickly and use your time more efficiently.

Risks of Poor Skills

In today’s world, where information is readily available on social media, clients come to salons with an awareness of trends and high expectations.


if a lash artist lacks the necessary knowledge to fulfill the client's desires, customer satisfaction will undoubtedly decline.

Clients might think, 

“I couldn’t get what I wanted at this salon, so I’ll look for another one.”

First-time clients, in particular, see your salon as just one of many options. To avoid this, it’s crucial to continuously update your knowledge and skills, keep up with trends, and strive to enhance customer satisfaction. This approach ensures you don’t lose out to other salons.

Conclusion】The Ultimate Guide to Lash Lift Training in Brisbane, Australia

【Conclusion】The Ultimate Guide to Lash Lift Training in Brisbane, Australia

Lash lift training is a cornerstone for achieving success in the beauty industry. With the lash lift trend predicted to surge again in 2024, mastering the fundamental techniques, staying updated with the latest information, and acquiring knowledge for safe procedures are absolutely crucial. Regularly updating your skills and knowledge now can provide a significant advantage.

The low cost and low maintenance appeal of lash lifts are major benefits for clients. By undergoing training, you can continually enhance your skills and knowledge, thereby elevating customer satisfaction. It’s vital to choose the training that best suits your needs to build a successful career in beauty.



Lash Lift training courses with world champions are now available!

オーストラリア まつげリフト講習 日本語 Mai Lash

🌟Introducing the Lash Lift Course Taught by a World Champion!🌟

We're excited to announce a new training course for Lash Lift!

🔹 Ideal for:

  • Those looking to gain a new skill

  • Aspiring lash artists wanting to learn the latest techniques

  • Beginners who want to master the basics safely

  • Those seeking practical, hands-on experience

  • First-timers who prefer small class

🔹 Course Details:

  • For: Lash Lift beginners

  • Format: Online (self-paced video content) + In-person training (4-hour model practice)

Choose with or without a starter kit!

🔹 Course Flow:

  1. Visit Lash Advance’s online shop and select “Lash Lift Beginner Course Video Content + In-person Training” with or without the starter kit.

  2. Watch the video content at your own pace and gain essential knowledge.

  3. Within 12 weeks, choose your preferred date for the in-person training using the URL at the end of the online program.

  4. Receive a scheduling email from Trainer Mai to confirm the date.

  5. Attend the 4-hour in-person training with model practice.

✨ Why Choose Us?

  • Learn from a world champion

  • Enjoy a hybrid learning experience

  • Receive hands-on training with expert guidance

  • Start your lash career with a comprehensive starter kit

  • Gain valuable insights from a lash artist with 8 years of experience

📩 Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

✨ Special Consultation: Enjoy three months of free support via Line or Instagram DM for aftercare following the training.


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